The Financial rEvolution: Introduction

I once sat in a waiting room as a young man, waiting for an optometrist I think, reading magazines to pass the time. I remember reading an article in one of the mainstream magazines, about starvation around the world. I always see the same images in my head when I think about the children dying the worst most painful death possible by the thousands. An image from that magazine, you see I have a heap of younger brothers and sisters and as I looked at this picture of the family dying of malnutrition, I couldn’t help but see the faces of those siblings on the sickened children within the image. I remember feeling so helpless and hurt and I quickly changed articles to move away from those feelings. I turned to another article. In this new article I could see pictures of a ship dumping grain into the ocean. It turned out a particular country had had a bumper crop and in order to maintain market prices they were dumping the excess to ensure it wasn’t saturating the market. In that moment I was angrier than I think I’ve ever been since or before. To know that these children were dying so terribly and that instead of feeding them we dumped food into the sea was to me more evil than anything I had known in my life. I knew without a doubt that the system we were allowing ourselves to be guided by was wrong. It took some time to understand why this was happening and more importantly how it could be fixed.
Call me foolish but I think we are better than this, we are better than the war and starvation the inequality and homelessness and all this corruption. I believe that we are powerful beings capable of great things. I believe at our core we are inherently good. That greed and the lust for power comes from being taught not from within our soul and that given the right environment and teaching humankind is worthy and can bring light with it rather than darkness. I believe we have a destiny of unimaginable proportion and that we as a species are ready take a hold of our destiny and move forward in our evolution.
I write this and the parts that follow as an inspiration of what we can be, of what we are capable of, but also as a guide to show how easy it really is for us to take control of the situation and make change.
Ever since the mentioned incident in the waiting room I have looked at the situation the world has found itself in and searched for a solution.
Our world at the moment is in a state of crisis. Environmental, economic and social collapse along with world war threaten our every day. In places around the world violence and upheaval have become an everyday occurrence and with the inequality, corruption and deception that is in our world today it is very understandable. The future to many looks bleak and full of a fear that should never be.
We have seen in recent world events, how ineffective our politics have become. Money and wealth have made the playing field uneven and untrue. Our democracy has been destroyed by private interest to the point where it has become apparent that those in true power do not have our best interest at heart and lead us in a direction that appears bleak at best. If the common person is to hold onto their human rights then this needs to change.
A great democrat I believe in American history said, and I can’t recall the exact quote. That it was a democratic people’s responsibility to have a revolution once a generation in order to ensure a true democracy. I understand that quote seeing how political parties gain wealth and control and power over time and how corruption inevitably seeps in.
Im a peaceful person and see that the violent revolutions of the past not only can’t work in today’s society of modern military but that we have evolved in our thinking and being that it no longer should ever be a way to overcome these issues. War and violent politics NEED to become a thing from the past.
But violence isn’t the only form of revolution. Another is a political revolution, but we have seen that unfortunately with the money now involved in our politics that won’t work. The last is a financial revolution. This is where money is used to manipulate the system of governance, and we see it used all around the world by the superrich and powerful.
The financial rEvolution is more than a book outlining what is wrong with the world and the financial system it a proposal to the free people of the world outlining an avenue of solution through the means of a business plan designed to change the way resources are managed in our world.
It Is The peoples Financial rEvolution.