An army of volunteers.

In T.F.R. corp members have a lot more free time available. After they have finished their time at work to cover their production needs they no longer have any restrictions on how they spend their time. Some will travel and some will study some will do art and some will do nothing at all but another group will volunteer.
Volunteers in the T.F.R. society will be looked at as among the most respected members of society for what they do for the people. They will be the ones that will be given the best seat in a dining area and their words will stand out in a community meetings and will often be the ones that are voted onto T.F.R. corp council positions.
Many people aspire to help or serve people. Often people go into the field of work they do not because of the money they will make but rather what they can do for society or people. Teachers, Doctors, scientist and emergency personnel are among a few obvious ones but there are many others. In a system based on production rather than making money move around the desire to help people and society doesn’t diminish but rather grows.
Other people do the work they do for the love of their trade. A chef will often become a chef not for the money made but for the love of cooking and delighting people with their food or an architect will go into their profession to be able to draw and create marvellous structures. When these people no longer have to work to support their living it won’t mean that the love they have for the things they do will instantly disappear. A chef will still love cooking and an architect will still love drawing and creating.
Once finished their production hours these people will be free to do as they want, to come and go as they please, but the wealth of their experience will always be highly valued and respected. They will be encouraged and invited to spend whatever time they wish in positions of guidance among the services they have trained in.
All service needs will be covered by new society members doing the hours required to fulfil their life production requirements. There will never be a need for volunteers to work as the continuous production of the society will be covered by the new society members and so anything a volunteer adds will be a boost to society production and needs.
Volunteers that dedicate their lives towards their fields of work will end up in positions of authority in their services giving guidance to those new society members learning the craft.
Ie. In a food service area new members assigned to ensuring production will take care of all the mundane tasks cleaning and doing prep and if a volunteer is unavailable, cooking meals but if an experienced volunteer that has worked in the service for years is available and wants to cook then they will have the option to become the chef and direct the kitchen making more food available of a higher standard.
Or in a mechanical workshop new members will keep the day to day running of the facility under control. Ensuring the productivity of the workshop but if an experienced volunteer was available they would be welcome to come and go adding advice and their technical experience and if they dedicated enough time would naturally find themselves in a position of direction and respect through the work they do.
People naturally hate to be forced to do things and rebel against being told what to do but given the option to do what they love are naturally productive. This system of volunteers takes away from that NEED to work, to make money and to pay the bills and allows people to become naturally productive. It will ensure only people truly impassioned about what they do and with a desire to do more for people and society will end up in authority positions in our industries and services and increase the productivity of our society in ways yet unimaginable.