No More Coal Gas or Oil, Saving Our World.

Over the last decade the story of early 20th century inventor Nikola Tesla has come to be well known. Tesla invented A.C. power and some of the world’s most incredible advancements. His career supposedly ended very rapidly when he invented a free energy device and started building Wardenclef tower. He could use this tower to transfer energy in of the earth’s atmosphere allowing people anywhere to tap into the source without the use of powerlines. He was financed by J.P.Morgan and the banker realized that with this invention went the ability to charge for electricity due to the proposed available abundance. He could only sell a once off for the unit to capture the power.
Really interesting story and if you don’t know it you should research it but the point is then and many other times in our recent history free energy has been discovered and quashed by Oil and Gas companies to ensure continued profit.
Instead we use coal and gas and other non-renewable, unabundant resources to ensure scarcity in our energy market.
This has led to the near destruction of our beautiful precious planet all for greed and power and can no longer be allowed to continue.
In T.F.R.corp this act would be against the core principles and can never and would never happen.
T.F.R.corp must supply all the power use for its members and has no profit need. It would be only common sense that if a power supply could be set up such as a wave generator or wind generator that once there would supply power with no more resource use this cuts down on ‘costs’ for the society. T.F.R.corp intends to push the boundary in these hidden renewable technologies in order to create more sustainability with less impact to its members or the environment.