What’s in the heart, not in the pocket.

In our world today we are taught to aspire wealth. Although many are waking up, through the whole nature of the way our system is set up we are taught to admire those that are wealthy. In our advertising and our movies how luxurious and grand and great it is to be wealthy. We are taught that to be successful in life is to attain material possession and that a person who has less is less, although once again people are beginning to awaken to how wrong this is, it’s been a part of our society for a long time and still our mainstream promotes this school of thought.
A person attains social rank and esteem through the amount of money and wealth they control. This can lead to even the most crocked, bigoted and even racist people becoming role models and even people of great social position and responsibility and is clearly unhealthy for our society.
Due to issues relating to wealth and social inequality many great people who choose to live with less attachment to physical possession are not seen or heard in the light they should be.
In T.F.R.corp everybody is on an even footing with no lifestyle differences through wealth and possession. The only thing that will make a person gain social esteem is the deeds they do for others. If a person works hard to increase the environment around him for society people will naturally respect that person.
People naturally aspire to be respected by their peers. Humans are a social creatures in most cases and wish for social acceptance. In T.F.R.corp people will naturally aspire to do things, great things for their society to achieve that social acceptance and position. And those that do will be the ones to achieve it.
In T.F.R. corp volunteers who have dedicated their lives towards helping society and the people move forward will be the people who attain social ranking and position. People who are socially minded and motivated and impassioned to do the best for the world around them will be those that find themselves in positions of respect and authority within our industry and government helping to ensure honesty and integrity within those important positions.
In a world without money what matters is what’s in a person’s heart not what’s in their pocket.