Hemp, the ‘Over’ Abundant Resource

In the early parts of the 20th century Henry T Ford built one of his very first cars almost entirely out of hemp plastic.
Hemp is a resource that has been deliberately hidden away from humanity in a manner that has led almost to the destruction of our planet. It can make plastic, diesel, material, hempcrete (like concrete but lighter and stronger) and hempboard (like wood but lighter and stronger). It can make medicine and many other products and is one of the most easily renewable resources on the planet.
For a millennia hemp was amongst the primary crops we grew and resources we have used, but over the last century a heated debate on hemp has raged. Why? As stated earlier hemp is one of the most renewable resources on the planet and can be grown to abundance with ease. With abundance comes a lack of profit.

During the 1930’s a campaign was launched called ‘the reefer madness campaign’ where the strain of hemp called marijuana was depicted as a psychotic drug that caused madness on its users. Supposedly the campaign was launched by a group of powerful petrochemical companies. Recently the discovery of Oil and Fuel had led to the discovery of plastic and its ability to be moulded into nearly anything and used to make a huge range of products. Only one thing was in the way of Billions of dollars profit. As well as oil, plastic and bio diesel could be created from Hemp oil, and as such, plastic and fuel would be almost worthless due to its available abundance through hemp. It was in the best interest of this group of very rich, very greedy, very powerful companies to remove the competition and remove the greatest resource on the planet.
Hemp can be completely farmed by machinery and robotics it can be harvested by robotic harvesters and refined in automated refineries. From there it can be used in 3d printers and printed into nearly anything you could imagine. Used along with a recycling setup for metal and glass and their automation this would mean that one or two people making sure that the robotics and automated machinery keep working can quite literally print out almost any amount of anything. Houses, vehicles, machinery, tools and toys a whole world full at the touch of a button.
In T.F.R. corp hemp technology will be used and advanced to the very height of its ability allowing it to supply its members easily and renewably with nearly anything.