No more advertising, The return of Sexual morality

In our world today companies go to great extremes to sell us products. All around us advertising is aimed at hitting us at a subconscious level. In order to achieve the highest returns advertising companies push the boundaries of immorality further and further.
We all know that sex sells. Body image and lust have been manipulated and pushed upon our society in ever increasing levels to the point where it is causing some very serious social issues. From our very childhood we are now desensitised to sex through our commercials and magazines. Our understanding of what is beautiful has been destroyed and many have become very shallow in the way they look at others. Sexual immorality has become a common and accepted part of our society due to our complete desensitisation to it before we are even in our teens, this needs to change badly.
People are starving themselves in an epidemic of anorexia linked directly to the misuse of advertising. Depression from lack of confidence in physical appearance is common place adding to the many other stresses that come from living in a financial system.
In T.F.R corp with the removal of the profit mentality comes the removal of the need to push sell anything. Without money and ownership there is nothing to sell. The only advertising that will be a part of life in T.F.R. corp society, will be used to promote positive things like health and education and to bring awareness of events and important things happening around the world.