Work In T.F.R.corp, Productivity not profit.

In our society so many man hours are wasted on meaningless tasks. From the supervisor watching the supervisor through to the factory hand we waste precious productivity. So many unproductive jobs are there all because of the economy. Sales people, bankers, insurers and accountants only purpose is to make money move around but that isn’t near the worst of it. How many factory workers out there in third world countries are doing jobs that could be easily done by robots to build things that are designed to break and be thrown away?
Statistics show that even before taking into consideration what robots could do, and they can do a lot that we don’t let them, at least 60% of human work is wasted on unproductive jobs done only to make money move. This means over society if you work 50 hours per week on average (and many do) for 30 hours a week you might as well be standing on your head for how much it actually does for humanity and societies production.
By the time you have worked for a ten years at most you have done all the work hours needed for you to have provided all you will ever use. Your work has been completed and the rest of the years you work are being stolen from you to ensure the movement of money. Our governments are continuously looking for ways to make jobs to keep down the unemployment rate to ensure people have money. This results in many useless positions being created with no more intent than to ensure we are all always working. As a society we work to make money and profit and not to supply ourselves with food and housing etc. We have trapped ourselves into financial slavery spending years of our lives being forced into work to ensure an imaginary economy can stay afloat. Instead of living in freedom and comfort we hold ourselves in self-inflicted stress and pressure to make sure the bills are paid. This is so wrong for our society and holds us back in so many ways that the realization that it is so needless should affect us all to our very core.
Sadly Robotics are also slowed down in their advancement and even looked at in fear by our society because with more robotics means less jobs to make money.
“We should be celebrating the coming of our robotic achievements as it has actually freed us from the need to do manual labour.” Colin Turner, Free World Charter
In T.F.R.corp work isn’t done to make money move around, it’s done to ensure productivity and supply are kept up. This means we don’t waste precious hours of people’s lives doing meaningless jobs, it also means we aren’t scared of robotics as it sets the members free from mundane tasks.
Still there will always be an amount of work that has to be done in order to fulfil the needs of the society but in T.F.R. corp it is in the mandate to provide the best quality of life for its members and slavery doesn’t have any place in any form. In T.F.R. corp work is done for production or for passion not profit.
At first T.F.R. corp will either employ people out of profit from its businesses or utilise new members to fulfil work needs. When a new member starts the journey of becoming a member they must do an amount of work before attaining membership this will be the work hours required to fulfil production needs.
Eventually this system will be reworked but the basic principle is that the amount of man hour’s productivity required for the society to sustain itself and the social projects it is working on, is calculated and averaged out. This will include all the service needs of the society such as repair personnel and medical and emergency staff. Once all the infrastructure is in place for the mundane unnecessary work to be completed by automation and we start to work with true abundance technology away from the profit mentality the amount of required hours will be surprisingly low in order to ensure our society’s needs. These hours will be averaged out to calculate the average hours each new member needs to complete in order to achieve the society’s needs. This along with the ‘volunteer army’ as explained elsewhere will ensure our society has all it needs to live in abundance and comfort.
In the future as a new member or a young person starts the journey towards membership they must do the amount of hour’s work that will be required to cover their lifetime’s productivity needs. This would work out to maybe 5-8 year’s work as an estimate. They would do these years doing the tasks required by the society, that were not being fulfilled by volunteer workers, in order to ensure all productivity was covered.
People naturally find it mentally much easier to motivate themselves to work when they see an end to the task and a reward. It’s very hard on some ones sense of self and well-being when they are trapped in a situation of mundane work with no end in sight. When a person knows that they only have to do a limited and known amount of work to complete before being released to appreciate the true rewards of their work for the rest of their lives completing the appointed task becomes much easier.
After they had finished the hours required for their needs a person is then free to do as they please. For most people though, as explained elsewhere, this is only the beginning of their production journey. A cook that loves to cook for people doesn’t just stop loving cooking for people when they no longer get paid or need to work for production. A nurse that loves helping people doesn’t just stop wanting to help people at the end of the years required for their production. But now when they work they do it because they want to not because they need too. And their work is only done for love and passion not profit.