The Return of Craft Works of Art.

Once a member has finished the required work for their production needs they are free for the rest of their lives. Free to enjoy travel and adventure as they see fit, to live wherever T.F.R.corp is and to experience everything T.F.R.corp has to offer. But that’s not where work ends.
People love doing things. After seeing so many places and doing so many wonderful things the average person will find themselves content around their family in a nice spot. But people get bored. A carpenter loves working with wood it’s their passion, now they have access to all the raw materials they want and all the best of equipment is just down at the workshop nearby. They have no production need, that’s already done. They aren’t there because they need to make a profit or a living. They are there because they want to be there. They can now take their time and create. They can take 15 years to build a table if they want and make it the most incredible piece of wood work ever conceived.
Through the modern money profit mentality we have lost the craft work of old times. We no longer make the beautiful pieces we see in antique shops or on tv, there isn’t any profit in them so we have lost the art. T.F.R.corp will naturally usher in a new era of the long lost craft artisan.