The Concept, Growing T.F.R. corp

We have realized as a society that the banks and big money private interests have taken control of our democracy, and they no longer have our best wishes at heart, especially in regards to abundance and money as that is the way they have gained control. Many of us have decided to go off the grid, self-sufficient, organic and away from the money system and the oligarchy controlling it, this is great except that it limits our technology. If someone breaks their back for example they are in trouble without going back to the money world or if we want a computer or television again back to the money world. Or if they travel again back to the money world. But if a society goes 'off the grid' it can change this and much more. 

When a person decides to go 'off the grid' they first have to buy the land, and the solar panels and tractor etc. but once they do they can grow their own food and supply their own power. The same concept works as a society. We need to as a society 'go off the grid' in order to change things, to get away from the oligarchy’s controlling us. In order to do that we need to buy our own infrastructure. Wow that sounds huge, but really its not. not using the power of numbers and the power of the people, and by being smart. 

The old adage that with money it’s easy to make money is very true. We see it constantly with the gap growing between rich and poor. That when someone gets to an amount of wealth by reinvesting that wealth in profitable ventures one pays for the next, allowing their wealth to grow rapidly. By having an amount of financial capital available for investment into profitable ventures one can increase one’s own financial position.

Our world has been designed to make it very hard to reach that point of capital.

Our society is geared to make sure that our money is well tied up. We are taught that the more money we have the more money we should spend, as a person gets more wealth they should have a bigger house and more toys. This ensures that only a very small group of people ever make it to that point where they have access to the needed capital to start making a really significant income from investment or business options, but once they do they skyrocket financially beyond the imaginings of the everyday person.

Today corporations with incredible wealth buy and sell businesses, all but at whim making millions of dollars for those very few at the top. We buy the goods of these corporations so these few individuals can live in total opulence.

By T.F.R corp buying the infrastructure it requires as profitable businesses, the businesses will essentially pay for themselves, especially combined with the principles of abundance that will naturally come from breaking away from a profit scarcity mentality. 

T.F.R. corp has been designed to stream all of its profits into growing and sustaining an ever expanding society away from the need of money. All of the profits made from T.F.R. corp will be used to firstly increase the financial power of the corporation in order for it to grow, but more importantly to build and provide for the society growing within.

In truth individually it will cost next to NOTHING to get the infrastructure in place. If you think about it 5,000 people putting $10 a month in together makes a very substantial income that can be then turned into those profitable ventures and rolled over starting a snowball effect allowing the infrastructure to essentially buy itself. As T.F.R corp grows larger and larger it will allow more people to move into the newly built infrastructure and be supplied by T.F.R. corp production. By 'closing the loop' as explained latter, each business will get more and more profitable allowing more and more resource to be available for the society.

As it grows T.F.R. corp will buy assets with the intent to increase its own income but also to acquire all the needed assets to close the loop in the production and service needs of the society, as well as continuously growing the society.

Eventually as members start to attain full status and allowed to move away from money, the profit from these businesses will be broken into two directions. Firstly growing the amount of profit/infrastructure businesses and then secondly supplying all the goods required by the growing society. It will act almost like a very large, very rapidly growing Kibbutz community at first until we reach the point of true self sufficiency within our society and start to utilize available abundance technology. At that point, when utilizing the principles explained in this book, it will be VERY hard for the world not to see the truth about money and scarcity. When we start printing out 3d cars and housing etc. and our people live in abundance and luxury without having to work, people will start to wake up VERY quickly.      

When great, great, grandfather Rothschild started the world bank he realized that the way to make money was through loaning money to countries not individuals, as individuals were prone to accidents or unforeseeable events where countries were receiving income from many thousands of sources rather than one and this made it much more secure. Understanding that concept and using it makes this plan very secure and VERY strong.

All it takes is for it be setup and for it to be brought to the people. And so we write this book. Along with the book we also intend to start a series of festivals and events designed to bring awareness with the needed excitement. These events will be free events with the intent being to have the opportunity to show videos between musical and performance sets and to do workshops explaining things and answering questions.

This obviously along with the fees required for setup costs money to get started, these funds at start will come from book sales as well as a crowd fund, but will build up as sponsor money starts to come in.

We have the music arranged, we have production and the art prepared, the information is in your hands and so we start.