In our current financial system the way we set up production is designed to maximise profit not production. We use old environmentally harmful equipment thrown together in dirty toxic regions. We build hundreds of facilities to do production where one large facility could house and complete all of these facilities production and do multiple tasks at once. We create massive environmental destruction in our production and all in order to ensure individual business interests and the movement of money.
Production facilities are often placed miles away from where raw resources are gathered. Vehicles transport goods hundreds of miles from one place to the next using fossil fuels and creating huge amounts of carbon monoxide and more.
We produce so many useless items with the only true purpose to move money and be thrown away, and worst of all we commonly use non-renewable rare resources where easily attainable sustainable substitutes are available in order to ensure scarcity and profit.
In T.F.R corp with the change away from the profit mentality comes a major change in why and how we produce things. It is in the best interest of T.F.R. corp and part of the guiding principles to use the most abundantly available renewable and environmentally sustainable resources.
Hemp products can only be seen as among the most viable for many of T.F.R. corp society needs being as abundant and environmentally friendly as it has been shown to be and will be used in many of the things T.F.R. corp uses. Recycling will also be a very important part of T.F.R. corp production as the less raw materials it needs to supply at the base level the less demand on the corp. Materials that are unrenewable yet necessary like metals will be treated with much more respect in T.F.R. corp and used as sparingly as possible in technology used. As T.F.R. corp grows, with recycling of old redundant equipment and infrastructure as a major practice and the use of abundant technology and resources T.F.R. production will have environmentally friendly renewable resources available for it’s production well into the future.
It will always be in the best interest of T.F.R. corp to use the very best and most reliable of available technology for production as it will have to replace it much less frequently. It is in the best interest of T.F.R. corp to ensure that production of goods is as local as possible to cut down on transport resource use. It is a guiding principle to provide the very best quality of life available for the members and also to have as little negative environmental impact as possible so only the cleanest available technology will be used in production and all structures in T.F.R. corp and are built to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and to fit into the surrounds. T.F.R.corp production facilities will be state of the art environmentally friendly and beautiful operations allowing local and easy access to almost anything a member could need or want all built or created in a sustainable manner.
As with many of T.F.R corp principles and ideas how this will evolve will be up to others, in this case mainly engineers. As T.F.R. corp grows experienced people will come forth with the knowledges to be able to achieve what will be required for T.F.R. corp to complete its production needs within its guidelines and principles. But by using those principles our society’s production will move forward in technology and technique beyond even the industrial revolution. Like with all things in a system without money the only boundary’s to what we can do are the raw materials available, and our knowledge and willpower to create.