Only the Best in Quality Organic Food

Food and the way we eat are greatly affected by the financial system with many detrimental effects for our health, our environment, our community, our sense of wellbeing, our ability to learn and much more. Food is among the most precious of resources and its quality and availability is a major contributing factor to the quality of life led by individuals within a society.
In our world today the quality of food that is consumed by the average person is very poor. Although we have great diversity in the foods we have available a great deal of the food we consume is full of chemical preserves, colouring and flavouring.
Due to ease in the rush of day to day life in the finance system and the bombardment of advertising we choose to eat from huge commercial chains that feed us food with the sole intent to make money and as a result serve very substandard produce at best.
We often eat on our own, cooking meals as quickly and easy as possible when we would much rather eat in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family, eating food cooked well by someone with passion. The main reason we don’t is due to the time and financial restrictions inflicted upon us by living within a financial system.
We grow huge monocultures, directly and indirectly controlled by massive corporations, using massive quantities of chemical fertilizers and causing huge amounts of environmental damage in the process.
In the pursuit of the control of abundance some large corporations have gone as far as to create genetically modified seeds. Although genetically modified seed stock can produce apparently superior quantities and qualities of food this process inevitably stops the produce to reproduce. This will result in seed stocks being able to be closely monitored and controlled. Where we are potentially headed with this technology in our society has some EXTREMLY concerning possibility’s and cannot be allowed to happen for humanities true freedom and human rights.
Even the available abundance of food that comes from being able to grow our own garden, an act that should be well within any persons rights, is now being threatened with laws prohibiting the growth of private vegetable gardens being forced into place in some states in America and elsewhere.
In T.F.R. corp what we eat and the way we eat and the way we produce food will be very different to the way we do now. Due to T.F.R. corps need to supply the very best quality in life for its members, the very best food possible will be made readily and easily available and how we treat the environment in our production of food can also only be done in environmentally sustainable and beautiful manner.
Using organic permaculture principles, abundance production technology, new member’s production hours and the many dedicated volunteers that will come from people who love to garden T.F.R corp gardens will be a beautiful part of the society spreading incredible food, fruit, vegetables and medicines all around member’s homes and suppling the food needs of the members with beautiful organic produce.
Members will have access to many places to eat where they can gather with family and friends in relaxed comfortable environments and enjoy well cooked and prepared meals whenever they are hungry. They will also have the option to have meals delivered to their homes or to take fresh produce home on a daily basis to be home cooked if they wish as well.
Eating in large groups of family and community will naturally be a part of the evolution of society and community within T.F.R.corp and will help in breaking down much of the separations within families and even overall society.
Having access to highly nourishing well prepared organic produce and meals in abundance will energize and uplift people and along with the many other changes in the society around them help to move people into a new age of consciousness.