T.F.R. corp has to supply all the housing needs for its society members. These homes will be built following T.F.R. corp principles and will be built using only the very best of techniques and technology availiable. Although greatly diverse in their design and function to cater for as much individuality as possible the structures will be built with aesthetic intent and to fit in with the environment around them.
People are naturally diverse. In the way we dress, the things we like to do and in the way we live, we all have our unique tastes and appreciations and in T.F.R. corp we see that in diversity is the path to unique thought and will always be promoted and cultured. In the houses we build in T.F.R. corp will be displayed that diversity. Some people like to live in apartments, some in suburbia and others within the forest, some people want a home filled with technological wonders and others wish for nothing more than a bed in the trees and all will be catered for.
On the most people simply want an easy comfortable home. A place where they can relax and rest and prepare for the next adventure. Although the journey towards discovering the right balances of design and functionality will be a long journey and will take time to find, we envision that most dwellings will be simple and beautiful. Set up with all the best in technology to make life comfortable and enjoyable, modern luxury items will be common place such as spas or entertainment systems.
In our current world we build massive mansions filled with dozens of rooms and huge areas of land around them. Often these homes are owned by a wealthy person or couple who live there on their own with the majority of rooms never used. We have huge areas of massive buildings utilizing huge amounts of resources and getting used by a small handful of people. At the same time we have huge populations living in the dirt with the only resource being used, some iron for shanties. When looked at with a non-profit mentality with an eye for society and not self this is beyond backwards, it’s a shame on our culture. This mentality must change for the best of our society our species and our world.
In T.F.R. corp homes are beautiful, functional and comfortable. They are built to sustain the highest level of living quality and will be well beyond most of our current standards for a home. They will be built with the amount of occupants intended in mind and not filled with empty rooms that never get used. They will be built in a sort of minimalist approach only containing what is needed.
It is important to note here that how we live in T.F.R. corp homes will change a great deal from how we do today. The T.F.R. corp neighbourhood is VERY different to our current neighbourhoods. They are filled with gardens and art and set out with entertainment spaces, places to eat similar to restaurants, workshops and studios filled with technology, sporting areas and gyms and much more and all there for access at any time with no money. Many of the activities we commonly do in our homes will no longer be a part of our home lives as they are today.
Having access to well cooked meals that can be shared with family and friends, in environments filled with entertainment and enjoyment will make eating in community a much larger part of our day to day. Having access to state of the art recreation and sporting facilities will encourage social gatherings and make group activities much more common. Having access to travel all around the world will open the way for extended journeys. Overall this will mean people on average will spend very little time in their dwelling using it mainly to sleep and wash and have personal time, spending most time with family and friends in community surrounds.