Crime and the end of the war on drugs

In a world without money, a world of true economic equality many of the crimes that occur today would never happen. Most crimes happen due to the frustration that comes from being unable to achieve something because of economic situation. When a person is unable to feed themselves or their family regardless of the laws in place they will do what needs to be done to achieve that end. To achieve freedom from the economic slavery we find ourselves in, people will do sometimes terrible things.
In T.F.R. corp crimes involving theft disappear all but entirely, no more muggings for the cash in some ones wallet, no more break and entry to gain goods that everyone has access to and no more violent armed robberies at banks or shops that no longer exist. These types of crimes cease to exist as the inequality and scarcity no longer exists that create them.
In our current system there are many useless laws that would no longer be applicable with the way our lives will change as T.F.R. corp grows.
In our current system it is in the best interest of the governments to create laws that are designed to create revenue. A government can make significant financial reward out of mundane laws such as minor traffic infringements.
Using financial measures such as fines as the punishment of crimes results in an uneven distribution of so called justice when a rich person pays the same as a poor person. Corporations and the superrich do things that are completely immoral and against the law knowing that if they are caught it means very little to them to pay the fine. This is clearly a system that is inadequate, uneven and wrong.
For decades the war on drugs has ragged. Thousands of people’s lives have been destroyed along with so many unnecessary and immoral deaths and our prisons swell with people that have never hurt anyone but themselves. Our police have been militarised and the war rages out on the street at times. There is still after so much wrong, drugs in our communities.
Billions of dollars of revenue in the form of fines have been raised by our governments in the process.
There are many questions about legal structure and punishment in T.F.R corp that cannot be answered here, in truth those are questions for the people and the world and will be among questions covered at the New Earth festival, but for the sake of this book a few fundamental differences between our current system and T.F.R. corp should be covered.
In T.F.R. corp useless revenue raising laws will disappear as there is no need to raise revenue and the avenue of punishment is gone. In T.F.R corp the only laws should be based around harm to others and harm to the environment. It is in the mandate of T.F.R. corp to supply the best quality of life possible for its members. Actions of self-harm should be treated with education and help from health professionals not punishment as this is the best option for both the individual and the society. In the end a healed healthy prosperous person is much better for society than an angry incarcerated one. The war on drugs will end.
With the removal of scarcity and inequality, with a high level of education, with the lessening of stress from getting off the rat wheel and with a culture of help not punishment crime will reduce within T.F.R. corp society dramatically.
The writer envisions that the crimes that remain in T.F.R. corp, crimes of passion or anger generally will be punished in a completely different fashion as money no longer exists. As a society member you have the rights of access to everything. With wrong doing comes the loss of those rights and the ability to utilize available services.
Ie. If someone was to get drunk at a social area and start a fight they might lose access to that area and to the ability to attain alcohol for a period of time.
Punishment will be even for all, in all cases from minor to serious wrong doing, with no differences in economic situation to create an uneven field in our justice system.
Policing will also change dramatically with the lessening of crime and the end of the drug war. No more will we have highly armed militarised police roaming our neighbourhoods killing innocents accidently. In T.F.R. corp community minded volunteers will be a major part of the policing force. Similar to the sheriffs of times past, they will be elected members of the community and chosen due their level of trust. The way T.F.R. corp works will naturally usher in a new era of respect for those given that difficult, dangerous and important role in our society.