Emergency Services

Emergency services are one of the most important factors contributing to a first class modern society. The ability to have help in an emergency situation is vital to a feeling of security within our day to day lives. In our current financial system emergency services like most social services are considered a drain on common resources. In a money system they rely upon tax revenue to operate. Even though they are literally life and death systems, emergency services are often underfunded and utilizing old outdated technology. With the removal of a profit mentality, like many things this changes dramatically.
In T.F.R. corp, once it has achieved a point of self-sustainability the only thing that becomes a factor in what these services are supplied is a matter of raw resources not money. Using abundance technology, practices and resources the emergency services in T.F.R. corp society will be continuously updated with the very best of technology available for their service.
Manned and operated by the same principles as all T.F.R corp services, emergency services will be as automated as possible but will also be operated by both new members and volunteers. Dedicated volunteers will lead these organizations and will help to guide them to be the best the world has ever seen.