Keeping us healthy, Not making us well

The world we live in today is backwards in the way it deals with many situations as this book outlines but one of what we consider the most inhumane, ridiculously inadequate and backwards parts of our current system is within our medicine and health. In our current system a doctor or medical practitioner trades the ability to make you well. You go to a doctor when you are ill and pay them to make you better. This means, as explained earlier in ‘The end of trade’, that it is in the best interest of the medical industry for you to be sick, as that is where they make money. In a world of abundant health a medical practitioner’s ability to make a living is greatly lessened. The implications of this are very dangerous for our society to say the very least.
It is widely known and understood that there are many natural remedies within our world. There are herbs and extracts of many kinds able to cure many illnesses, and have been used to do so for many eons, but we as a society today hardly ever use these remedies any more, instead we use chemically reproduced synthetic varieties of the same base ingredients from massive pharmaceutical companies that we get charged huge amounts for. If herb and extract use was commonly encouraged by our society and we all had these herbs growing in abundance in our home regions, these pharmaceutical companies could no longer make the massive profits that they do.
For many years it has been whispered that there are many very common cure’s for cancer. There is a very large community of people now that truly believe that they have cured themselves from this very foul disease through the use alternate techniques and medicine such as cannabis oil extracts. It is believed by these people that these cures have been deliberately held away from the mainstream population in order to protect the many billion dollar industry that has been created by the cancer epidemic.
We don’t wish to enter the debate of whether or not there is a conspiracy within these big multi-national corporations in order to suppress health or cures of foul disease, the truth of this is for others to explore but we wish to point out the fact that in our current system it is in the best interest of these corporations to do so. That in order for their shareholders to continue to live the lifestyle they lead and to make the dividends they do they would NEED to suppress such a cure. They are also much better off financially to encourage us to not use and grow our own medicine as that effects the scarcity of their product. It is also in their best interest to suppress these knowledges as they come available in order to secure their industries financial position.
It’s very sad but our current financial system encourages our health practitioners to make and keep us unwell.
Health and medicine are a human right. For us to have people in our society dying needlessly of simply cured ailments when the cures and antidotes are so easily readily available and abundant is wrong and evil. That a person can die of ailments such as infection in a modern society simply because of the fiction of money and economic depravity is a shame on our society and MUST change.
In T.F.R. corp the way medicine and health works will naturally be turned around. Not only is it a part of the mandate to ensure the highest standard of living and hence health for its members but T.F.R. corp supplies all health services to its members without any money exchange, for free and so has to supply all the needs to make any unhealthy member well. It is in the natural best interest of T.F.R. corp ‘financially’ to keep its members well. The more illness within the society the more resources and production it will need to use to combat that illness. This will mean that it will be in the best interest of the system to promote health in every aspect to ensure the lowest level of illness.
In T.F.R. corp health services of all kinds will be abundant and easily accessed by everyone. From dentistry to mental health services and medical institutes all will be available and ready to help with whatever ailment needs healing.
Herbal medicines and natural remedies will be explored and experimented with to the greatest of depth. With the profit mentality taken out of the medical industry it will be in the best interest of T.F.R. corp to find and promote the most abundant, easy and best cures available as that cuts down on its own need to supply additional services.
In T.F.R. corp health, both of body and mind, will be encouraged in every aspect of member’s lives. The food will be of the highest standard, the schooling and community support like nothing we have ever experienced in our world today. With the lessening of stress that will come from no longer having to make money move around and the new freedom that will come to people to explore and enjoy their own lives along with state of the art health services available and abundant to the members of T.F.R. corp society, many of the health issues we face today will disappear and become a thing of the past.