Why own anything when you have everything?

In our current world we are taught to desire things, that material possession makes us happy. The more pieces of this and that that we have the better off and happier we will be. Many people are seeing that this isn’t the case. That we don’t really need 4 cars, 6 televisions a house with 10 rooms we never use in it and all the material trappings that come with it to make us happy. But having access to luxury and comfort can certainly make life easier.
Concepts about how individual possession work in a world without money is a subject of deep consideration and has many angles. The idea of T.F.R. corp is to set people free from the self-slavery a money system creates and to allow them access to all the abundance that life has to offer. In no way does it ever wish to infringe on individuality and in fact desires to promote it, but we also need to change the hording materialistic attitudes and mentalities that we have allowed to come into our society.
In T.F.R. corp nobody really ‘owns’ anything. People have and always will possess things. Personal items, clothing, items of special personal value are necessary as part of the human condition but in order for our society to move forward away from the issues we are facing today our concepts of ownership need to change.
Although details of how this will evolve will only be seen through time but the basic idea is that things will be in a way borrowed from T.F.R. corp. Everything in T.F.R. corp will be setup with the best of quality in mind. A member will have access to anything you could imagine but only on a temporary arrangement.
i.e. If a member wants to go for a trip on a luxury boat they will be able to go and have access to one as long as they wish, and when they are finished with it and ready to do something else it will be returned ready for the next person to use.
When you really start to think about possession, owning things holds us back. If we want to travel the more we have the more difficulties arise. In a world where you have access to free travel, accommodation, food and experiences having to take care of mundane things becomes an unnecessary difficulty.
Everywhere you go in T.F.R. corp will be places with different forms of equipment and entertainment. There will be places to listen and play music and places to watch movies, places to do art, places to study and places to just relax all in a community atmosphere, places to play golf or to play games or sports of all kinds. There will be places set up with all sorts of things to do and experience with an intent to allow people the opportunity to experience the very best life has to offer.
Whatever the society can provide as a member you have the opportunity to use. Whatever a member wants they will have access to free of charge with the only true restrictions being respect for the item and the return of the item at the end of use.
For many generations we have had the need to hold onto things, as status symbols for our ego we hoard wealth or in case we need or want things latter, but in a world of abundance where everybody has everything you never need to worry about latter or tomorrow as you will still have access to whatever at that time and personal possession gains you no esteem at all.
When you really think about it, why own anything when you have everything?