No More Nursing Homes, Respect Our Elders

Throughout our history in traditional culture the elders of our families and our communities were respected for the wisdom they had from the long lives they had led, and respected they should be for they help us learn and grow without having to make the same mistakes they did and much more, they gave us life.
In our society today the treatment of our elders is appalling even disgraceful. Most of our parents and grandparents, our aunts and our uncles, even OURSELVES, especially if low on money, are destined to one day sit among a group of strangers watching tv and getting feed mush while we wait to die remembering our family and our youth’s.
Meanwhile our youth are off working on the unending treadmill unable to spend more than a few hours here and there with their elder family members due to the time restraints of making the money go round.
In T.F.R.corp elders are finally given back the respect they deserve. Having been helped to stay healthy in the first place is a good start rather than making money on our illness, but now as a person gets older their sons and daughters nieces and nephews and even their grandchildren will be finished their life productions work and will have all the time in the world to be around them.
In the abundance of T.F.R. corp communities, among the luxury and beauty and comfort they provide, the elderly will have access to great food, as with everyone, community and loved ones around them and access to anything they need. They will have access to state of the art aged care equipment to help any special needs and even access to nurses if they need. They will comfortably move through the last years of their life with access to any health facilities they need or any treatment they require, as explained elsewhere medicine in a world with no money is very different, and when its time they will pass among their family and friends respected and loved as they always should have been.