Schooling the future of our society

In our society today the level of education overall is dropping. People are getting less education and tuition to the point that overall our society is getting dumber. For a culturally advanced society this is a serious issue that needs to be combated immediately. Our children are the future of our society and our species and cultivating their minds towards greatness is the most important thing we can as a society do for our future.
In today’s profit mentality system, education is looked at as a drain of resource. We fund our schools through our taxes and to give more tax would impede on our own lifestyles further and drain our own personal resources. Our government’s budget our schools strictly and the public school system has continuous money flow issues ensuring second rate equipment, textbooks and facilities and a very small pay check for our teachers. Even in private schools although the level of equipment ect. is higher it’s still strictly budgeted on, to ensure the required/desired profit from the enterprise. We teach only a very strict curriculum and allow for a very narrow field for the differences in the way children learn.
In today’s money system, due to many reason, a big one being the need to have children minded while we work, we are forced as children to go to school. Humans naturally hate to be forced to do anything and rebel against that pressure. As children we are naturally curious and love to learn and given the right environment, filled with excitement and fun as well as study, and the ability to learn and study in a way that helps all styles of learning, we will naturally seek tuition on the subjects that interest us.
In today’s society our number one resource, where we spend most of our community money, is war. In T.F.R. corp our number one resource, where we dedicate our resource most, is education.
Concepts of how education can and will work in T.F.R corp is a subject that could fill another book and so we will only touch on a few concepts and fundamentals of what we see education could be.
In T.F.R. corp due the core concepts money is no longer part of the equation with education. All education facilities will be equipped with the latest and best technology available and will be housed in surroundings designed to encourage to get the best from the students. There will be the availability to be taught and learn in many different ways with a huge range of subjects at offer. Most of the educators and teachers will be volunteers that have finished their production hours and now have dedicated this portion of their lives to passing the knowledge on that they have attained to future generations.
In T.F.R corp we are no longer forced to do education but rather encouraged to. As a child comes to an age ready for education, the child and their parents will know that the amount of units study and the different units studied during the schooling years will determine what positions they will be eligible for when it comes time for them to do the years of work required for their life production needs.
Ie. If a student who wishes to help people in health latter ‘when they grow up’ will know if they study hard and cover the right series of subjects they will have the opportunity to work through their production requirements in a hospital or a laboratory and hence do their production hours continuing to learn and gain experience in the field they aspire to.
A lazy student will know that the choices in front of them when it comes time to do their required work hours will be much more limited and may result in them having to settle with something they would rather not be doing as much.
Education in T.F.R. corp will be fun and exciting and very different to education in today’s profit mentality world and will be designed to encourage people to learn and open their minds to the greatest of their potential.
An educated people is a happy prosperous people. Education is paramount in ensuring the highest standards of lifestyle and as such is a core and primary requirement of T.F.R. corp’s obligations to its members.