The Beginning, The Book and Crowd Funding (Stage 1.)

In order to get the corporation started and building and able to promote itself there are a few costs that will be needed to be covered. In order to cover these costs a large portion of money made from the sales of this book as well as the proceeds from a crowd funding webpage will be used. A professional T.F.R corp webpage and a youtube video will also be done. The initial funds will be used for-
-Legal fees required for the setup of the not for profit corporation by guarantee
-Production costs of a professional promotional video
-Production of a professional webpage, designed to allow sponsors to join as well as to show promotions
-The production costs involved in the first promotional events.
As soon as the first funds become available Legal Setup will begin along with the web page and promo video. Once the corporation is set up, Bank accounts are started and the promotion material is ready a series of promotional events designed to be a celebration will be conducted aimed at reaching the first sponsor target of 2500 sponsors. Once we have achieved this target it will allow T.F.R.corp to secure the finances required to move into stage 2.