The first Community (Stage 2.)

The idea behind T.F.R.corp is to create a self-sufficient to abundant community designed to break away from the money system and move towards a new way of living. It is designed to allow its members the opportunity to be away from the current system and to grow in a new community based ecologically sustainable ideal. It is designed to turn the wealth pyramid upside down funneling wealth to the many rather than the few.
It is envisioned that the first T.F.R.corp community will become a hub for learning and inspiration in a world desperately in need. A place of great alternate technology to help break past the old ways. A place of incredible organic gardens to bring true nourishment to all around, and most importantly, hope, of a much better world.
At the moment T.F.R.corp is in the process of starting this stage by scouting for the first location in northern N.S.W. Australia. The founders have selected this region for the alternate aware demographic of the people in the region as well as the tourism through the area. Along with these factors the beauty and the fertility of the land will make it perfect as the starting point of this great endeavor. On the chosen land will be built the first dwellings for members and guests, as well as the first infrastructure buildings needed to house the tourism and services intended and to supply the needs of the members.
T.F.R.corp communities will be a places of great organic gardens, built with permaculture in mind they will, along with grain feed livestock, provide an abundant supply of food to all the members as well produce to be sold/traded to guests and the outside world. They will be built with aesthetic intent and when finished will be incredibly beautiful to live amongst.
A series of alternate micro dwellings will be built on the property. Built to the highest of standard these dwellings will range from below ground ‘hobbit’ houses through to the latest designs in tree houses. The dwellings will be well appointed with quality fittings and services all done with an alternate sustainable mind in technology. They will use solar or wind for power, have access to self-composting toilets and use natural insulation for temp control just to name a small start to the innovations that are intended. They will be built with T.F.R. corp guiding principles in use as best as technology and resources will allow. These dwellings will become the homes of members and a place to stay and rent for others coming through the area. Around them will spread the beautiful organic gardens strewn with pathways and art.
A workshop will be stocked and prepared making it ready for production of all sorts. Once complete it will be dedicated to alternate technology and will house a metal working bay, a wood working bay, an engine bay, a forge and a technical/design room. It will allow for people from all around to come together with their ideas. It will also be used to create T.F.R.corp products of a large range utilizing the first new member’s talents and skills.
A restaurant and events area will be constructed to bring people from outside in to experience what T.F.R.corp has to offer and to display where we are going in the near future. Art and music studios will be built both for creation of art and T.F.R.corp sales. Facilities for camping, Stables for horses, an archery range and many more activities are already in the envisioning, with many more to be added. A T.F.R.corp store will be an outlet for different crafts and wears created by T.F.R.corp members. As T.F.R.corp grows so too will the production and recreation facilities available in the communities.