Becoming Self-sufficient (Stage 3.)

The first parts of T.F.R.corp will become a tourism mecca inviting its sponsors and guests to come and experience the first stages of the transition as well as the first homes of the new society.
Eventually more land will be secured, with the ability for more member homes and more production becoming available. Services of all sorts will be available at T.F.R.corp as it grows.
As the society grows and more memberships become available T.F.R.corp will continue to take on sponsors. As it becomes bigger with more attractions for people to come and see, and the understanding that everyone will have the option to move into a new paradigm, as places become available, is realised, more and more people will wish to become involved. This will again increase its growth and its ability to sustain its members.
The point of Self-Sustainability is the real objective here, the point that all the infrastructure and resources required to maintain a first class society have been obtained. A point when the society could turn away entirely from the outside consumer world and still live in at least the level of technology and comfort we do today.

Most of the decisions in growth will be made by the corporation committee but below are a few suggestions on where to start the building.
Organic markets – as it is intended for gardens and organic food to be a major feature of the initial development. Utilising this first resource as one of our first major trade commodities will not only give us the ability to sell excess food grown in T.F.R corp at retail prices but also allows T.F.R corp access to additional food items that will be required early on but not grown on T.F.R. corp property.
Café chain- A chain of cafes and even restaurants will give another outlet to sell excess food, and by already owning the organic market T.F.R corp will be able to supply itself with all required food stuffs for the cafes/restaurants. This will also be the first off community place for the first T.F.R corp members to go and still be away from the money system.
Solar power company- At this point with the community growing and more members coming on board along with more infrastructure electricity starts to become a major cost for T.F.R.corp and the sooner that it can supply these needs for itself the better off the corporation will be.
Tourism destinations- Now with a solid start to infrastructure and financial sustainability the option comes open to increase the off property lifestyle options for members with the purchase of a resort or tourism destination.
Hemp Production- One of the most important resources in the growth of T.F.R. corp will be hemp and hemp products. By controlling its own hemp production it will open the door to produce many goods easily and effectively that will be a huge part to gaining both financial strength as well as covering many needs of the growing society. Production of Bio Diesel and hemp plastic will help move the society forward rapidly
3d Printing – Among the first avenues of industrial production that T.F.R. corp should delve into is new 3d printing. This technology will be among the most important factors in T.F.R. corp and as such advancement into this field as early as possible will be very advantages and allow T.F.R. corp to help further the technology towards its needs
At this point there are many directions T.F.R. corp can move in and with the financial power now starting to snowball will be able to take on bigger and more setup businesses and technologies. Very quickly T.F.R corp will be able to attain true self sufficiency.
At first T.F.R corp will have to rely on much of the infrastructure that it picks up with each of the new businesses it takes on. It will take time and expense to change the infrastructure over to reflect true T.F.R. corp ideals but as it grows each business will be automated and reworked reflecting abundance concepts. Eventually the first remade T.F.R corp society townships will be built allowing for true sustainable, ecologically friendly, abundance technology production to begin and when we have achieved it, it will be something that history will remember.