The World. (Stage 4)

After T.F.R.corp has secured itself with the first infrastructure businesses and communities in place in Australia, the intent is for T.F.R.corp to spread very rapidly into other countries, Firstly so sponsors from those countries can become members quicker but secondly and more importantly because the world needs hope and badly.
Where exactly T.F.R.corp will expand to first is yet to be planed although it’s intended to be in area where the most sponsors are situated. We hope America, the UK and France will be among the first countries that T.F.R.corp arrives in as those countries are badly in need of reassurance and hope of something better coming but eventually the abundance of the RBE will allow us to expand into even the remotest of areas.
With the ability and infrastructure to do 3d hemp plastic printing and the other sustainable technologies available in T.F.R.corp comes the ability to easily and cost effectively set up communities in the poorest of areas allowing, housing, equipment and services to finally come to those most desperately held away from abundance. Very rapidly we will have the ability to change some of the very worst issues we as a society face.
There will be many challenges to face moving into these other regions, but with by that time many great minds working together among the sponsors and members and the vast resources of the now growing RBE these challenges will be overcome.
Wherever you are in the world T.F.R.corp is coming soon near you.