Sponsors and Sponsorship Drives

In order to gain the first sponsors a series of promotional events will be arranged with music and art and will travel around the world expressing what are working to achieve.

The writer feels strongly, considering the general frustration in society at the moment that a movement like this will snowball extremely rapidly allowing access to very large sums of money very quickly. If this occurs T.F.R.corp will be able to purchase all the required businesses to fulfil its own production needs very quickly allowing it to become self-sufficient and grow very rapidly, but for this book have planned on a reasonably slow growth.

In order for T.F.R.corp to start 2 goals of first 2500 sponsors for stage 1 and then 5000 sponsors for stage 2 have been set.

In order to achieve the first 2500 target,the first promotional event will be held promoting T.F.R.corp and how it intends to allow people to move away from the money system. The shows will coincide with the release of a youtube video promotion and social networking. Sponsors will be able to sign up at these shows or through an internet web page. Once the target has been reached the development of stage 1 can begin.

The second target of 5000 will be achieved by a tour of popular music artists promoting the Corp. It will culminate at a festival on the now newly developed T.F.R.corp starting property. It will once again coincide with another internet based campaign and may branch into other advertising methods.

Sponsorship would begin at $10 per month but could be as much as a sponsor wishes.

A sponsor’s main reason to sponsor would be to see the corp move forward so eventually they would have the invite to become a full member but A sponsor would also receive the following entitlements before that time:

-Access to roam the gardens and the public areas of T.F.R. corp communities
-Access to T.F.R corp Alternate Tech Centre and Museum
-Discounted rate on holiday accommodation on T.F.R corp communities or tourism destinations.
-Discounted rate on festivals and workshops held by T.F.R corp
-Discounted rate at T.F.R corp restaurants and cafes
-Discounted rate on available T.F.R corp services
-Invitation to free functions and gatherings
-Discounts and Access to new facilities and services as they become available

A sponsor would also receive an invite number. This number would relate to the number of positions needing to become available before a sponsor would receive their invitation to start on the journey towards full membership. The earlier that you become a sponsor the earlier you receive your invite.

As more people see T.F.R.corp growing and moving forward with a plan to break away from the current status quo into a new system that is truly based on ecological and community truths sponsors will become abundantly available.

Once we reach self –sufficiency, sponsorship profit will become obsolete and will only be required to expand and allow for more people to come into the society.