Members of the Society

Becoming a member of the T.F.R.corp Society is not about privilege or position but rather about becoming part of a much larger ideal. It is about breaking away from ownership and control and wealth and moving towards true community. Becoming a member gives both rights and responsibilities.
Firstly it gives you the right to a micro dwelling to live in rent free and to call home forever. It gives you the right to use all that T.F.R.corp provides free of charge and also attend any events or functions held by T.F.R.corp free of charge. You have the right to use T.F.R.corp equipment and services as they are available. You have the right to be treated in accordance with T.F.R.corp guiding principles and It also makes you eligible to be on the T.F.R.corp council by vote in.
You have the responsibility to let go of ownership, to be a part of the society in the heart, to do ones best to ensure the thriving growth and prosperity of the society and live by the ideals set out by the manifesto. You are T.F.R.corp and represent the corporation’s ideals, what it is, and what it means for the world. Those who can let go and follow these ideals will ultimately be the ones voted in as council members for their contribution.
In the first stages of growth in order to become a member a person needs to fulfill the following obligations:

(This is intended as an outline and specifics can change.)
-Receive a sponsor invitation (earlier sponsors receive earlier invites)
-Rent and abide on T.F.R.corp property for 7 years.
-Work part time for T.F.R.corp for 7 years in order to cover your lifetime production
-Have paid an undefined as yet amount in rent and/or cash.
There is still some work remaining to be done here and specifics are yet to be exactly defined but the idea is to make it so that someone can live on T.F.R.corp and work Full time for 5 - 7 years and have this pay their membership costs, rent, food and basic living. Allowing someone with nothing to add to the society but their work and talent, no money at all, to start to work towards becoming a member and leave money for ever, as soon as their sponsor invite arrives.
As T.F.R.corp grows and more services and resources become available to the society we will have the opportunity to remodel our society from within, heading towards a true resource based economy.
In the future after the society reaches self-sufficiency the way a person becomes a member will change allowing for our society to start truly on the journey towards economic freedom. What is written here is meant only as a guide to show how the T.F.R. corp snowball begins. There will be many parts of T.F.R. society that will be reworked at The New Earth festival and the meeting of cultural leaders.