The T.F.R.corp Constitution. The New Earth Festival.

T.F.R.corp will be guided by a constitution based on human rights, ecological principles and community abundance. The initial T.F.R corp Core Guidelines have been written by T.F.R.corp founders and will guide the first movements of the corporation but this is only meant to be temporary. No one group can decide how such a document should ideally be written and must, in truth be turned out for all the wisdom in the world to be a part of. It must ensure social and cultural understandings and security for all people and must be written to hold strength to ensure the ideals meant in it will be kept strong into the future. It will be The New Earth Constitution and will be a great achievement for all mankind.

The New Earth Festival will be held on the first parts of T.F.R.corp and will be an invite to the world’s wisdom to come and be a part of what is intended to be a historical event, the writing of the New Earth Constitution. The festival is intended to coincide with the beginning of stage 3 and kick off the sponsorship drive for 5000+ sponsors.