Family, Community and the Modern Tribe

In the fast paced life that the finance system brings with it, there is little space for family and community. In the modern world we spend so much of our lives in pursuit of the elusive dollar that many important aspects of our lives suffer but among the parts of our lives most hurt is that of our relationship with our communities and especially our families. Most people working many hours a week find very little time for interaction with their family and the community around them. As the high pace gets faster and faster we find less and less time for those people most important to us. Human beings are social beings and most people yearn for social interaction.
We find it hard to interact with people from different socio economic positions and often our own circle of friends will change as we ourselves succeed in achieving different levels of financial freedom.
This happens because generally people socialise with people in their own socio economic group, and so when a person’s socio economic position changes they become the ‘have’ where their friends are ‘have nots.’ They want to enjoy the new freedom that comes with being a ‘have’ and their friends can’t live the same lifestyle. They know they can’t give all their friends the same lifestyle and to try to do so even with a few would greatly impact on their own and so they end up around other people at the same level of financial freedom and their circle of friends changes.
In a world where everyone has access to the same level of freedom people naturally come more together and the class separation in society today will rapidly break down, friendships will never be influenced by financial status and community will be more able to flourish.
The separation and breakup of families can be attributed to many social issues and could take up another whole book, however finance related pressures have directly and indirectly been a major cause of this socially devastating problem.
In the last few decades the rate of family disruption and marriage divorce has sky rocketed. Today many families have been destroyed with many emotionally devastated children with confidence issues and bad social skills being the sad result within our society.
Money issues between a man and a woman in relationships can often lead to bitter and hurtful arguments and conflicts. The inability to succeed in the dream of financial freedom that we all have can result in hurt and blame that can become irreconcilable. The stresses of the modern money world, with pressures all around to pay the bills or lose the house can lead to depressions and anxieties that can deeply effect the way we are relating with those around us again leading to conflict in the home. Domestic violence rises constantly as the frustrations and issues that come from financial slavery bring anger issues to the surface of our personalities.
Health and help are strictly budgeted in our current system, as explained elsewhere, and people who really need help in finding their self and their being, are receiving punishment and incarceration instead.
We are taught from a young age that separating away from our parents and going on the journey of career is the right thing to do. That getting out in the work and money world and standing on our own two feet is what makes us an adult. The result of this is that many families separate when a child comes of age, with the child moving to a different place for work and losing the closeness and support of the family unit.
The problems here among many other unmentioned issues mean that Instead of being there with support our system is pushing families apart and forcing the increase of further social decline, even in our very homes.
There is a conspiracy theory, and we aren’t saying that it happened, that groups among the financial elite orchestrated the woman’s rights movement. Seeing the consciousness and awareness change that was occurring and the need in society to find true sexual equality they manipulated the movement in a way to ensure that women were made to, and more felt self-empowered by, joining the work force. This ensured that women were marching themselves alongside their men into self-inflicted economic slavery and made the consumer/employment system much larger. Again we aren’t saying that this occurred and mean no disrespect for the many courageous women that have fought so hard for equality and rights but rather wish to point out that it was VERY much in the best interest of those financial elite to have things go in the way they did.
In our past families worked together and thrived together, supporting each other through all the turbulence that life can bring. We were there for each other, our sons and our daughters, our brothers and our sisters intimately in tribes ensuring a network of love and help for those around us and each other. We stayed together and grew together for the entire journey of our lives. This larger extended family unit naturally led to much closer community.
In T.F.R corp community will evolve in ways we yet can’t imagine. With the release from stress and with the freedoms, equalities and opportunities that come from a resource based economy at the heart of our social system, with the time, opportunity, places and encouragement to grow and live among our families and friends, with the social support available, with the free and easy world communication and travel that will occur, and the way social gathering will change, the coming of T.F.R. corp will naturally usher in a new modern kind of tribe that will encompass all the people of the world.