Diversity, The key to society’s advancement.

One of the T.F.R. corp core guidelines is to promote and cultivate diversity. A major factor in a culturally advancing society is diversity in thought. Through this diversity comes unusual and new ideas allowing for the advancement of the culture within the society. The more ways at looking at a problem the more likely it will be overcome.
People are naturally individual. Through the events of their lives and their genetic makeup people discover different ways of looking at life. In the opinion of the writer it is this difference in people that makes up the spice of life.
In T.F.R. corp people are encouraged to find themselves, in all aspects of the way they live. In T.F.R. corp design will be the groundwork for people’s diversity. It will be designed to allow different housing options, different education options and complete freedom as to how its members live their lives. Another T.F.R. corp guideline is to follow human rights and this means that all schools of philosophical thought will be given their space as long as it doesn’t result in harm to others or the environment.
There will be many lessons to learn in the balance of coming together as one people in T.F.R. corp, our history and individual culture within our world is at the heart of who we are, but we are seeing more and more that we are one species here experiencing this journey through space and time together and as we come together in community a new culture of one people will naturally arise.