Renewing our planet

Over the last centuries of the industrial revolution and through the age of capitalism we have done horrendous damage to our precious home. From the removal of forests through to massive mining operations, from toxified rivers to islands of plastic in our oceans humanity has left terrible scars across the beautiful planet we call home and all for such terrible and unnecessary reasons. It will take us many, many years and a great deal of work and resource to clean up what we have done as a society to the environment.
Even as this is written with all the awareness that humanity has gained this continues, with destruction happening at an incredible rate all around the world. For our species, our children, our future this NEEDS to stop.
We have and have had the technology to change the way we use resources and do our production available for a long time. We have had the technology to repair much of the damage we have done available as well, but for reasons of profit and finance these technologies have never been used or furthered. Someone would either lose money or there is no money to be made in there development. Instead we continue with our selfish destruction.
In T.F.R corp in order to ensure the highest standard quality of life possible for its members the corporation can never do damage to the environment as this indirectly impedes on the quality of life of its members. Not only can it not do damage but it is also essential for T.F.R. corp to clean up damage already done to once again act towards the goal of increasing the quality of life of its members.
Once T.F.R corp has become self-sufficient and removes money from the equation it will have the ability and the need to work towards fixing these terrible issues and damages we have done to the earth. With money no longer holding it back T.F.R. corp society will have the ability to do anything it has the resources, the technology and the will to do.
Although it will use the latest of automated technology there will still be work to be done. In the first years of T.F.R. corp these great social clean-ups will come at the expense of its member’s lifetime productivity hours. The T.F.R. corp society will balance them into the average society man hour needs equation as a matter of course. We have made this damage and we have to clean it up, and our children will too.
From cleaning the ocean to reclaiming the forests, from repopulating our fauna to desalinating destroyed regions all will be on the planning board for T.F.R corp in the near future.