Not Utopia just common sense

Humans are flawed and imperfect. The life experience that we are here living is filled with uncertainties and the unknown. Accidents and misfortune happen and the best laid plans can fail. No system can be perfect in this life, as that is not the experience we are here for and it’s not possible for that kind of perfection in this reality.
At the moment we live in a system that promotes the base internal immoralities of humanity. We are encouraged on a daily basis to do things that impede on our internal sense of right. From small, unnoticed or not thought about things like using electricity made from coal to very serious infringements such as bribery and corruption or massive environmental destruction we are placed in situations where it is better off for us personally to do the wrong thing.
T.F.R. corp is not Utopia or a perfect world. There will always be an amount of wrong doing and crime from human passion and other reasons. There will always be those in our society that will lust power or have greed in their nature and no matter what system is in play in our society these issues will be a part of life’s experience and the removal of money and inequality won’t change that.
A resource based economy society has at its core the encouragement to do the right thing within its very working. It is in people’s best interest naturally in T.F.R corp to do the right thing by the community and by the environment bringing out the best in humanity through the society system built in around them.
The concepts that T.F.R corp is based upon are not difficult to understand or really very unusual. When thought about with an open mind having a social system that is designed to promote doing good deeds, community, the environment and human freedom and not a system that promotes greed, destruction, wrong doing and economic slavery is really just common sense.