The Future, Visions of a New Society

Well what does a resource based society look like in the future. Once we have reached self-sufficiency and abundance only the imagination can perceive the possibilities. Once money is no longer in the equation only raw materials and our own drive and ingenuity stop us from achieving wonders beyond words.
The Venus Project has shown us through their ground breaking work into social science that a world without money will be a world without war, a world without poverty, near no crime and luxury and technology far beyond anything we could dream of in our current social economic system.
Imagine free health, free education, free food, free power and free travel. Finally humanity will be able to let go of this destructive greed mentality that is destroying our world and enter a golden age.

T.F.R.corp will make a world of abundance and comfort, a world of wonders. Once we have taken control of our own manufacture and resource requirements and money is no longer part of the equation we have the ability to let our creation lose in a new and wonderful world. When the fear of abundance doesn’t exist within the system we live in and when and we can realise the true potential of our technology only the imagination, and raw resources becomes the barrier. And by utilising truly renewable environmentally friendly resources and techniques we can now begin on our dreams. A world of gardens, art, luxury and technology becomes a reality.
We envision that in the world of an abundant resource based economy society, people will be more inclined to naturally travel, seeing new things and experiencing the world now available. With so many things to see and do and now available to us at all but a whim, no material possessions to hold us back and the knowledge that we are secure with food and accommodation anywhere we go the journey will begin.
We no longer feel the need to put something aside for a rainy day because everything we need is there when we need it. We don’t need a large house because we don’t need to store all the goods that are ‘ours’. And we don’t need to collect things to make sure we have access to them as we always have access to them. The feeling of freedom that this will bring to humanity will be beyond anything anyone, even the richest in this system, will have felt since before the invention of money.
We envision that the people will come more together. With money comes classes and haves and have nots and the educated and the not educated. When everybody has everything instantly barriers break down as people are now on an even field.
We see a world all but devoid of crime. With the removal of ownership and inequality, with our needs all met, the encouragement to commit atrocious crimes to supply ourselves with things and freedoms is completely gone. With the stress that comes from always being caught in the money systems need to work gone comes a feeling of freedom that will deeply effect our societies psyche and take away much of the anger and frustration we feel today and this will naturally reflect in the way we treat each other.
Families will feel more secure and this will lead naturally to an increase in happiness in family units and a decrease in domestic problems and breakups. Less broken and destroyed families means more secure happier and well-adjusted children and this is better for our society in so many ways.
Starvation and economic depravity will no longer be a part of our culture. Not only will there be no homelessness occurring on the streets of our western society but eventually the technology and resources of T.F.R corp will spread around the globe finally bringing an end to the needless starvation and homelessness occurring in underdeveloped nations.
War will eventually become a thing of the past, most wars are fought for reasons of resource control. Oil, gold, diamonds and money itself have all caused major conflicts between nations. In a resource based society of equality and oneness the reasons for war will diminish dramatically and with the control mechanisms removed the need to manipulate separation among cultures is also removed. This will be a long journey and there will be need to be much learning and healing for it to occur but no more will there be a need in our society to wage death against each other.
Space exploration, underwater cities, incredible marvels of technology even spiritual evolution who knows what will be around the corner once we remove the obstacle of a financial system a new existence will be opened for the human experience.