Our world, our species, is in turmoil, this hardly needs to be said. For years we have been warned of how our planet will start to react as we continue to destroy it. The political and financial madness that we see today has been brewing for many, many years. We are coming to a point of climax, a time of choice and this choice is a choice between the life and death of our species.
The truths about money and how it creates scarcity and slavery have been known for millennia. From way in the depths of our history the secret of this control mechanism has been held and cherished, massive wars have been fought their history now left dim in the past, all to control the printing and distribution of money.
Around 300 odd years ago the World Bank was formed by Meyer Rothschild. The family has supposedly since become the richest in the world rumoured to control trillions of dollars. Through history Meyer has been accredited with saying ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!’ and regardless of whether he said it or not the saying is very true.
A true democracy can never exist in a world that is worked around money and a profit mentality as in truth the person that wins at the game of monopoly and controls the resources of a society is the one that makes the choices for that society.
THE histort rEvolution will be a look into the hidden history of how we have been manipulated to come to where we are today. How people and powers behind the scenes have used wealth and religion as control mechanisms and to keep us away from secrets that will empower our species into a newfound self-awareness. How we have been separated and made to hate each other in order to divide and concur.
“If you don’t know your history, you don’t know where you are coming from” Bob Marley
The Evolution will be a collection of the visions I and I have had of the world we see is coming and I hope will be a beautiful and poetic journey into the very heart of our spirit.
I am but a common person, no scholar or genius but I do believe I have a deep civil obligation to my species to do the best that I can. I believe that is more wrong to stand by and see evil done than to do evil in the first place. I believe that I am a spiritual being and capable of great things, that I am powerful beyond measure.
Recently I watched my father go bankrupt. After many years of hard work to support his family he had a health incident that started a financial collapse that ended with him losing his home and property. My family, my little brothers and sisters have been left in a situation of uncertainty with no security. Knowing how hard and long he worked and seeing him lose his home was one of the last straws inside that has made what you are reading happen. I write this book and make these plans, to try from my position as a commoner to help steer our society away from the precipice that we find ourselves on.
Although I, like most of us, am caught on the rat wheel of financial slavery and yearn to get off like us all and can’t promise all, the great majority of the proceeds of this book will be going to make T.F.R. corp a reality and to start the journey of following the stages set out in the book. By the time you’re reading it hopefully you should be able to find the webpage and become a sponsor and start the journey towards becoming a member.
We the everyday people of the earth have to do this, our governments and elected political officials have no power against the superrich and they act as gods in this current system and have no desire to change it. If we continue in this direction we head towards deeper and deeper economic slavery and the sure destruction of our species. It is time for us to realize our own power and face the situation by coming together to make change. We need to for our children and our children’s children.
The journey towards a resource based economy will be long and filled with questions that need to be asked, and I know in this book there are plenty of questions raised. They will need to be answered along the way, I haven’t got all the answers to those questions and really, a lot of them aren’t for me to answer. Many great social minds will have to come together to converse about laws and balances but given the opportunity to ask the questions the answers are there. T.F.R. corp is designed to give us the opportunity to ask and answer those questions.
A resource based economy won’t be perfect and there will be many difficulties in getting there but our current system is flawed beyond sustainable use. For thousands of years we have been held in thrall by economic slavery, separation, inequality and the rampant destruction that comes from a finance system. It’s time we change.
It’s time for The financial rEvolution.
The Commoner