No more money in politics, The End of Corruption in our Leadership

In our world today bribery and corruption run writhe. From the police officer receiving a payment from a criminal through to our highest government officials receiving payments from big corporations we see today more and more that those at the top of the leadership pyramids are being corrupted. This NEEDS to end NOW for humanity to move forward from the dire situations we find ourselves in today.
People in our society are manipulated by wealth and possession. A person can become more influential as they move up the socio economic ladder through what they can do for people. When one person has more than another, it gives them the ability to make them do things they would never do without manipulation.
A person in today’s society can quite literally buy themselves an army by paying people to do their bidding and get them to do horrendous things through wealth manipulation.
Or a corporation can manipulate even the greatest people through the intimidation that the power of wealth gives that corporation, or through bribery again from the power of wealth.
In T.F.R.corp no one really owns anything. No one can say if you do this act of evil, I’ll give you this thing you haven’t got, because everyone has the same. The ability to bribe and manipulate is gone. A person with bad intent has no way of manipulating people to their bidding.
In T.F.R.corp the elected officials receive nothing. They are STRICKTLY forbidden to receive anything from outside T.F.R.corp and will receive no lifestyle benefits more than any other person. They cannot be bribed as the ability to bribe has been removed and intimidation is no longer possible either. In fact the only thing that an official will EVER receive for doing their very hard job will be the gratitude of the people, and that only if they do the right thing by the people
This will ensure naturally that only people with true intent, with the interest of society at the essence of their heart will step forward to fulfil these very stressful and difficult positions. A culture of true community will be at the heart of leadership, as only self-sacrificing individuals would ever take on the burden of leadership.
With the head of our society driven with community and self-sacrifice it will be a government like no other in our history.