Closing the Loop

It’s hard to fathom but very well known that with true sustainable ecologically friendly technique and technology, the world we live in has the ability to create and sustain abundance for our society. We hold ourselves back from using these technologies and practises mainly due to financial consideration, someone won’t make as much money along the way. It’s sad, but due to the financial system in the world we need to look at what these technologies do for the individual’s financial situation and how it effects profit, rather than the society.
The main objective with T.F.R.corp is to become self-sufficient away from financial system in a way to make it possible to break away from the profit mentality. By doing this it will allow us to tap into these technologies in order to release the natural abundance available.
In order to become a self-sufficient society, T.F.R. corp needs to control all of its own production to supply the needs of its society. By gaining control of the whole production loop it effectively cuts the costs of operation and eventually the need to rely on the outside system at all.
Ie. In brief: T.F.R.corp needs to provide clothes for its members. The main costs in producing clothes, once the equipment is owned to manufacture, are the power to run the equipment and the fibres and material required, as well as man hours. If T.F.R.corp owns the equipment producing the electricity it cuts that cost closing that loop, if it also owns a material production facility it also cuts that cost. If it owns the base level production through to finished product on all its needs T.F.R.corp effectively removes the need for profit or money at all.