The ‘Profit’ in Sustainability

Part of the mandate of T.F.R.corp is to increase the quality of life and lifestyle and to provide abundance to its society members. It will always be in the best interest of T.F.R.corp to use sustainable technology as to do otherwise is to potentially impede on the quality of life of its members. It will also be in the best interest of the corporation to use only the very best equipment and technology as not only is this in line with providing the best quality of lifestyle, the longer the item lasts the less that the corporation has to spend and supply to fulfil its duty of abundance to the society.
In our world today we design things to break and become obsolete to make sure that the money keeps moving, planned obsolescence is becoming more and more common in our production of equipment and technology. In a financial system planned obsolescence naturally becomes a common occurrence because if a consumer has to replace an item, it creates more profit for the producer, it’s in their best interest to make it break. In the T.F.R.corp society it will be the opposite. It will be in the corporation’s best financial and obligatory interest to make things last and be as strong as possible.
Ie. When T.F.R.corp has the ability to produce a piece of equipment, having gained all of the production loop it needs to supply that equipment to the members. If that equipment breaks it needs to be replaced so it is in the corps best interest to build that equipment as good and strong as possible in order to have to replace it less.
This along with the other T.F.R corp concepts will do much to stop the wastage and destruction we find in our goods production today.